Energy Efficiency

The activity of the study extends to the energy, a theme strongly in synergy with acoustics. Many projects often deal only with energy saving issues, neglecting the acoustic aspects. Main activities in the energy sector: thermal engineering and plant design, renewable energy, solar panels, photovoltaic systems, thermal and acoustic insulation, energy diagnosis and certification, thermodynamic and heat pump systems.

The firm is also specialized in the design and construction supervision of wooden buildings and high thermal insulation. The green properties of these buildings are truly admirable; obtaining high thermal insulation performance, acoustic insulation and structural resistance is much simpler than traditional construction techniques.

The great qualities of thermal and acoustic insulation are the strengths of these constructions. The combination of wooden houses and energy saving is strong and solid. Detailed design and presence during the execution of the work are fundamental in the construction of these buildings, as the construction speed of the construction site does not forgive design errors. By now the construction of several wooden buildings, with XLAM structure and with frame structure. Thorough knowledge of the construction system is a fundamental aspect for competently following the execution phase.

A passive house can be both a wooden building and a building built with “conventional construction systems”, highly insulated; these buildings are characterized by a very low energy consumption and by the absence of thermal defects. The high thermal (and acoustic) insulation and air tightness of the building guarantee high living comfort without the need to create heating systems.

The only system necessary for a passive house is the VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) or a system for the exchange of indoor air and for the “heating and / or cooling” of the building. Constructive realities are often encountered, in the face of an embarrassing economic outlay by the client, where the reason for the presence of heating systems where a few kilowatts would be enough to heat the building / home is not understood.


Work experiences