Noise at restaurant

Acoustic comfort in restaurants, pizzeria and public places is very current today. It is common to associate the high internal noise in restaurants to the presence of many people; “noisy” public places are the consequence of the lack of basic acoustic principles. The presence of acoustically reflective surfaces (smooth plasterboard, glass surfaces etc.) give to the room high reverberation, making a very noisy environment even in the presence of a few people.

Creating a public place with adequate acoustic devices, will allow a large number of patrons to enjoy the best of the room, to speak with people who sit at the same table without having to raise their tone of voice (Lombard effect). The results of a few but targeted interventions allow to obtain results that often leave even the managers themselves incredulous; having a good internal acoustic comfort, not only allows users to make the best use of the room but also managers and diners to communicate better with people.

The excess of noise in public places is an indirect consequence of the diners of stress and frenzy at work, and the patrons often produce the desire to leave the place. Scientific studies have shown how the good acoustics of a room can influence the choice of one rather than another restaurant; for the same service offered, the customer tends to choose soundproofed and more comfortable rooms.


Ristorante Beach,Diano Marina (Im) e Bistrot Le Cicale – Piazza Leonardi 12, Genova

Tiger Cafè, Via San Vincenzo 53 Genova

Osteria Veglio, La Morra (Cn) Frazione Annunziata 9
Filmati : Dal Baffo, S.M.Ligure (Ge) Corso Matteotti 56 e Le Cicale in trattoria, Genova Via Ruspoli 55r