Noise, Music and Sounds … the different sensations that people

can have listening to the same sound event.

Our brain decides how to “translate” , it based on our life experiences!

Some movies


Acoustics has been my passion since the degree thesis in acoustics first and from the development of the Ph.D (physical doctorate) in acoustics then; in 2003 the professional studio was created which deals with acoustic engineering applied to various sectors including environmental acoustics, industrial and architectural acoustics, acoustic insulation, acoustic design and all activities related to acoustics and noise in general.



Acoustic design of theaters, conference rooms, music recording rooms, television studios, cinemas, discos

Technical advice in building with noise problems, tests of acoustic construction defects in buildings

Phonometric surveys to evaluate polluting sound sources

Acoustic insulation projects pursuant to D.P.C.M. 5.12.97 – Determination of passive acoustic requirements of buildings – Italian law about sound insulation


Acoustic verification of noise emission limits pursuant to Law 447/95 – Framework law on noise pollution

Acoustic monitoring of transport infrastructures (highways, railways, airports, etc.)

Acoustic design in industrial, school and residential areas

Acoustic design of noise barriers, acoustic silencers applied to systems in general

Acoustic correction projects of existing environments such as restaurants, pizzerias and public places

Acoustic measurements of any type both in the environment and in confined spaces